CDR-Life was founded in 2017 by a seasoned team of drug developers and biotech entrepreneurs with a mission to develop a next generation of superior T cell engaging therapies against solid and liquid tumors. We have built a team of highly accomplished people with broad expertise in antibody discovery, pharmacology, clinical and drug product development, enabling us to break new ground with our growing portfolio of highly tumor-selective immunotherapies.



CDR-Life is led by a seasoned management team with deep expertise in all key areas and phases of biologics development from discovery to commercialization. Our leaders are inventors, drug developers, and biotech builders with a proven track record. They founded ESBATech, a Swiss antibody-fragment based biotech acquired in 2009 by Alcon (now Novartis) and have played critical roles in the development of multiple therapeutics, including Beovu® & Rydapt®.

Board of Directors