CDR-Life Announces Expansion of Scientific Advisory Board

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Zürich, Switzerland, October 26, 2021 – CDR-Life Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering a new and differentiated class of highly tumor-specific immuno-oncology therapeutics based on its proprietary antibody-based T cell engager technology, today announced that top world leading experts in the field of novel immunotherapy drug development and antibody-based T cell engagers joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Hong and Dr. Reiter, both world-renowned leaders in the fields of developing innovative immunotherapies and T cell receptor-like antibodies,” said Christian Leisner, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at CDR-Life. “Their guidance will be integral to building our future as a leader in the development of game-changing therapies that have the potential to alter the treatment paradigm for cancer patients”.

The additions to the SAB include:            

David S. Hong, MD      

Dr. David Hong is a Professor and Deputy Chair of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he has helped form one of the largest Phase I clinical trial units worldwide.

Dr. Hong is an expert in the early clinical development of innovative immunotherapies and targeted therapies and has served as the principal investigator for more than 100 trials. He has been involved in the early development of various drugs – including larotrectinib, sotorasib and levatinib – leading up to their eventual FDA approvals. As an expert in c Met NTRK, and KRAS, he has led several national trials, including the c-Met amplified, c-Met exon 14 deleted and NTRK arms of the NCI-MATCH trial.

Yoram Reiter, PhD
Dr. Yoram Reiter is a Professor of Immunology and the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. His research involves basic and translational research in antibody and cell engineering for the design of novel immunotherapies.

Dr. Reiter is a pioneer in the field of T cell receptor (TCR)-mimicking antibodies. His work led to the creation of Applied Immune Technologies developing next generation antibody-based immunotherapies. AIT was acquired and merged into Adicet Bio Inc (NASDAQ:ACET). He has more than 25 years of experience in molecular immunology, antibody and cell engineering related to cancer immunotherapy. His lab combines basic and translational research related to T cell biology, effector T cells functions, design of optimal CARs as well as multiple projects on antibody engineering and T cell engagers. Dr. Reiter was the dean of the faculty of Biology (twice) and is director of an institutional interdisciplinary research. He published over 120 papers, patents, review articles in the fields of molecular immunology and antibody engineering.

The new advisors will join existing SAB members Professor Ulrich Jäger, MD, Professor Markus Manz, MD, and Assistant Professor Joshua Richter, MD.      

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