CDR-Life Announces Pipeline Expansion of Highly Tumor-Targeted T Cell Engagers 

June 25, 2024 2:03 pm Published by

 CDR813 and CDR505 programs further broaden pipeline of cancer-specific targeted therapies 

 Zürich, Switzerland, June 25, 2024 – CDR-Life Inc. today announced an expansion of its pipeline of novel T cell engagers (TCE) with the addition of CDR813 and CDR505.

CDR813 is a highly potent and selective TCE candidate targeting tumors expressing PRAME (preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma) in HLA-A*2:01 patients. PRAME is a clinically validated pan-cancer target expressed in a broad set of tumors including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), endometrial cancer, melanoma and ovarian cancer, but not in normal tissue. A bi-valent and bi-specific antibody-based TCE, CDR813 targets a PRAME peptide presented on tumor cells by the HLA-A*02 complex and the CD3 receptor on T-cells with unparalleled potency and specificity.

CDR505 is a TCE targeting KK-LC-1, a novel HLA-A*01 target relevant in common cancer populations not yet addressed by other T cell receptor (TCR) therapeutics. While most TCE programs target the HLA-A02 haplotype, CDR505 targets KK-LC-1/HLA-A*01, expanding the potential of TCEs to benefit a large patient population with high unmet need. Preclinical data on CDR505 was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in April 2024.

“With our continued investment in building a broad pipeline of unique, potent and highly cancer- targeted therapies, we are expanding the promise of our differentiated T cell engager platform to treat a range of solid tumors,” said Christian Leisner, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at CDR-Life. “Importantly, the CDR813 and CDR505 programs are geared toward populations with significant unmet medical need, increasing our reach to benefit more patients.”

About CDR-Life

CDR-Life is developing powerful T-cell engagers (TCE) to eradicate hard-to-treat solid tumors. Our integrated antibody-based TCE platform unlocks access to a wide range of cancer antigens. We are leveraging this platform to advance a pipeline of potent and selective TCE therapeutics targeting intracellular and surface tumor antigens. With a team of proven drug development experts and backed by leading cross-Atlantic investors, we are working to empower patients’ own immune systems to eliminate tumors. 


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