CDR-Life Enters Research Collaboration with ETH Zürich

May 23, 2018 7:19 am Published by

ZURICH, Switzerland, May 23, 2018 – CDR-Life inc. has entered a research collaboration with Prof. Berend Snijder, ETH Zürich, to study the effect of their novel trispecific T cell engagers on cancer patient samples using pharmacoscopy, a human ex vivodrug screening technology.

The collaboration will use synergies between the modular multispecific immunotherapies from CDR-Life and the pharmacoscopy technology from the Snijder laboratory to explore both the biology that drives immune cell engagement and the principles that guide optimal drug design.

“CDR-Life’s multispecific molecules are ideal together with our pharmacoscopy technology to deduce impactful learnings about the biology of immune cell engagement” said Prof. Snijder.

“Pharmacoscopy has been shown to be highly predictive of clinical outcome,” said Dr. Christian Leisner, chief executive officer of CDR-Life. “This is contrary to many in vitro and in vivo methods and makes it a powerful tool to understand the impact of our trispecific immunotherapies.”

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