CDR-Life to Present at 6th Annual Cell Engager Summit

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Zürich, Switzerland, May 15, 2024 – CDR-Life Inc. today announced that Chief Medical Officer Swethajit Biswas, MD, FRCP, will co-lead a seminar at the 6th Annual Cell Engager Summit, occurring May 21-23 in Boston. 

The seminar, “Back-Tracking Breakthroughs for BITEs & Cell Engagers to Gain Reverse Translation Insights” will be co-led with Dr. Anthony Stein, MD, of City of Hope, and will delve into the practical implications of post-approval studies, shedding light on the long-term safety and efficacy of cell engager drugs. By analyzing real-world data, researchers will gain valuable insights into overcoming the limitations of animal models and better replicating systemic immune responses in patients. The seminar aims to foster actionable lessons for improving safety profiles and advancing the field of cell engager therapies. Details of the workshop include: 

  • Perspectives from clinical development leaders and oncologists treating a range of patient populations 
  • Exploring evidence of disease progression and potential immune escape or resistance mechanisms
  • Uncovering the long-term effects and exploring future avenues for combination therapies 

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, May 21 at 1:00pm ET.

“Novel cell engager therapies have immense potential to change the way we treat a variety of serious cancers, and I look forward to discussing essential considerations for the development of these therapies with Dr. Stein,” said Dr. Biswas. “By reviewing real-world insights in diverse patient populations and clinical scenarios, we can identify the most promising opportunities for the development of next-generation cell engagers.”

CDR-Life’s proprietary M-gager® platform is designed to develop highly specific and effective peptide-MHC (pMHC)-targeting T cell engagers. M-gager® molecules are expected to be highly effective immunotherapies for challenging targets with high unmet medical need, such as neoantigens and cancer testis antigens (CTA), providing minimal off-tumor activity.

About CDR-Life

CDR-Life is developing powerful T-cell engagers (TCE) to eradicate hard-to-treat solid tumors. Our integrated antibody-based TCE platform unlocks access to a wide range of cancer antigens. We are leveraging this platform to advance a pipeline of potent and selective TCE therapeutics targeting intracellular and surface tumor antigens. With a team of proven drug development experts and backed by leading cross-Atlantic investors, we are working to empower patients’ own immune systems to eliminate tumors. 


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