Tumor-targeted immunotherapies

Over the past decades, the emergence of immunotherapies has changed the game in cancer treatment. However, to date, immunotherapies have only shown efficacy in certain patient populations and suffer from a high degree of off-tumor activity due to lack of tumor selectivity. This severely compromises the efficacy and safety of these promising therapies.

Targeting tumors with MHC-specific antibodies

CDR-Life is developing new immunotherapies that target antigens restricted to tumor cells, thereby solving the problem of non-tumor selectivity that is hindering existing treatments from achieving full therapeutic potential. Based on more than 20 years of expertise in cutting-edge antibody fragment design, engineering and production, we have developed a new antibody-based approach that specifically attacks the unique cancer protein targets existing inside tumor cells. 

This is achieved by antibodies binding to peptides from tumor antigens on the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) with very high specificity. The MHC traffics proteins to the immune system and provides access to a new class of intracellular tumor antigens to engage T cells. Combined with our proprietary multi-specific format, we are developing truly tumor-specific and -eradicating T cell engagers.

MHC T cell engager (M-gager®) with high peptide specificity.