Antibody therapies

«CDR-Life’s T cell engaging antibodies are potentially transformative in the field of cancer immunotherapies» Prof. Markus G. Manz, MD, Head of Medical Oncology and Hematology at University Hospital and University of Zurich, Switzerland 


CDR-Life’s pipeline is based on it’s unique antibody fragment platform. It includes a series of highly cancer-targeted and drug-like immunotherapies against intracellular tumor antigens for treatment of a variety of solid tumor malignancies. In addition, the company has a superior trispecific BCMA therapy positioned for partnering as well as a therapeutic antibody fragment for treatment of a blinding retinal disease, which is partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim.

Tumor-targeted immunotherapies

The emergence of immunotherapies have changed the game in treatment of cancer over the past decades. However, efficacy and safety of current immunotherapies are severely compromised by not being tumor-targeted enough.

Targeting tumors only with MHC-specific antibodies

Contrary to classical surface antigens, some intracellular antigens are highly tumor-specific. CDR-Life has developed a platform technology to target these intracellular antigens with MHC-specific antibodies. These are high affinity antibodies that are highly specific to target peptides on MHC.

Combined with our proprietary bi- and tri-specific T cell engager scaffold with excellent drug-like properties, we are developing a number of truly tumor-targeted T cell engagers.

A variety of solid tumor cancers have low mutational burden and poor response to immune checkpoint inhibitors. These novel T cell engagers bring more T cells specifically to cancer cells and eliminate them. Data show that the tumor cell killing is potentiated in the presence of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Targeting multiple tumor antigens

CDR-Life’s platform enables the development of T cell engagers that target two different tumor antigens. Such molecules are less vulnerable to tumor resistance development through antigen loss and are likely to increase response duration in cancers prone to antigen changes.

Antibody fragments

Our modular therapeutic antibody fragments are not only well-suited as immunotherapies, but also for treating retinal diseases. Their small size and high solubility solve the key challenge of delivering sufficient drug amounts to the disease-relevant ocular tissues.

The CDR-Life team has previously pioneered the development of therapeutic antibody fragments as treatment against ocular diseases including invention and development of Beovu®.